• 3D Visualisations

    Bringing The Best Dive operators into the 21st century.


  • What's so great?



    You work hard and spend lots of time making sure your clients have the best experience. This is a great way to raise the bar yet again.

    We believe no one in the dive industry worldwide is doing anything like this yet so it's a good opportunity to send your clients home with a new tale of how great your operation was.

    Imagine.......... Indonesia being at the cutting edge.

    Whiteboards in the year 2016? Lets move on!

    We've all been there, half an hour before the dive and the DM is scribbling a half invented map of a place he last visited 2 years ago. Not saying your operation is like that but even if you have a catalogue of nice hand drawn masterpieces,

    Wouldn't you prefer to simply be able to click on the site and WOW, up pops a beautiful, accurate 3D model of the topography which you can move around and zoom in on as you please?

    Add a file for Video and Photo's from the dive site and make every briefing a super professional and impressive part of the dive.

    Add you own Highlights

    Every site is different of course and if it's worth diving then it has highlights. You'll be able to mark up to 5 features on each map which you want to highlight to your divers. These can be anything you want, areas where they should be watchful of currents, particularly beautiful areas, spots with special marine life or coral species, a manta cleaning station or a point for hooking in with a reef hook.

    Branding and Credits

    We'll be working on ways in which your logo can be seen on each map, even if you didn't do the survey.


    The credit for each map will be given to the contributor or contributors if more than one set of data is used


    In the future any further marketing will include credits and free advertising for the contributor of each map


    Getting better and better

    Don't worry, we know there is work to be done to make these models everything you need. Please tell us what you would like so we can get there.


    Our aim is to bring them to the point where they are perfect for your needs but it is a process.


    Once we are able to add new features and information, we will do so.



    To affordably and quickly create a unique private database of 3D Interactive dive site maps of everywhere* for everyone who participates.


  • Together

    We can achieve the virtually impossible.

    Indonesia is a big big place but by collating all our efforts

    We can get all the best Indonesian Dive environments mapped affordably

    A world 1st

    For Indonesia !




  • Your role ?

    Get the Data

    Survey as you go..........We train your crew.

    ​Our System

    We have developed a system of Sonar and transducer mounting, data capture and surveying methods which, when properly applied after a short training for your crew, will result in good data which we can use to build beautiful maps for all the contributors.

    Submit the Data.

    ​Send us the data, ALL data is useful​

    Even if there is no time for a thorough systematic survey ( best practice ) the dive support /chase boat can still be recording data while the divers are down.

    If a site has been surveyed by yourself or another contributor we can always add your new data to the original map for more detail and better reliability. More Data is ALWAYS better.

    The Database will provide a rapid and amazingly affordable way for all participants to be able to show an accurate 3D and interactive dive site map to their clients EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN TO THE SITE BEFORE.

    More info

    Observations, video, pics​

    The more info we have the better the end result will be so it's really helpful if one of your DM's or guides can shoot a video of the dive, concentrating on the structure more than fish etc. This together with a rough sketch of entry and exit points will allow us to get the map as accurate as possible.

  • The Best Bit.......

    A Small effort for Big Reward

    your input

    40 + Surveys each

    = Small cost

    A small hardware and training investment and a negligible fuel bill plus processing cost.

    You can cap your total investment

    Or you can continue to get all your routes and spots mapped.

    10 chosen Contributors

    Or More ?

    Being Chosen to be a Contributor means your organisation will be part of a select group who will have the benefit of access to the Maps of the other operators who are chosen to join the mission.

    We want everyone who is onboard this mission to have the same aim.

    To provide a unique service to their very special clients.

    400+ sites

    Big Result

    You'll have access to the growing private database of all the most interesting sites in Indonesia.

    All the sites* surveyed by other organisations are yours!

    So if you divide the cost of your surveys by the total number of sites (400+) you find this is a very very affordable investment.

    * Each contributor can keep their secret sites private.

  • Join the mission

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    0821 444 64 234
  • Our Services

    Here is a sample of some of our output for Conservation groups, government and Dive Industry 

    Custom Survey

    Private data collection​ and visualisation output

    For Conservation organisations, Government tourism departments, Remote Resorts and private islands. We have a team who can come fully equipped to the location you need to show to your clients.

    Contact us for further details and pricing. We always try to work with our clients to meet their budget.

    Stunning CGI representations

    Using the latest computer wizardry​

    We can build a CGI recreation of any marine environment so it is possible to capture fly through video in 4k and with unlimited visibility! We can also embed any video in the recreation giving a fully interactive and enjoyable way of seeing a reef from anywhere.

    Promotions and Edutainment

    1st person interactive immersion in any scene

    We can build what we like to call Edutainment experiences whereby the player can take control and explore the scene in full control.

    These Virtual Reality experiences can be invaluable in letting a person really get a feel for what it's like when you are in a marine environment.

    A mix of CGI and stunning video lets a person really understand what a place is all about.

    Contact us for more details.

    This is an ongoing project and will only improve with further support and time.